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Top 5 Law Firms Across the Globe That Pay A Lot of Money

If acquiring a law degree in one of the renowned schools across the globe is difficult, getting placed as a successful professional is much more difficult than that. However, if you have acquired your degree in one of the top law schools, then chances of you getting placed are higher. As we know, law schools provide different types of law degrees. Some of the law degrees let you practice only within the boundaries of the state, whereas others let you practice on the global platform.

Law Firms

Most of the lawyers who are in the practice period, search for law firms where they can prospectively join and settle in life. While some of the law firms are generous in payment, others are misers. The pitiable thing is that most law firms belong to the latter category. So here are some of the best paying firms across the globe:

Baker & McKenzie:

The net worth of Baker & McKenzie as of 2014 was $2.6 Billion which made it the topmost law firm on the global platform. It came into existence in the year 1949. The law firm has its headquarters in Chicago whereas its functions are spread across the globe in almost 47 different countries, and more than 4000 lawyers are employed under this banner

DLA Piper:

DLA Piper takes the second place only because of the annual net worth of the firm across the globe whereas in other terms it is nothing less than Baker & McKenzie. There almost the same number of lawyers employed under DLA Piper and DLA Piper is spread across the globe as well. The annual revenue of the firm sums up to $2.48 Billion.

The other three law firm are all LLP that is Limited Liability Partnership Firms. This is the most common form of ownership in which law firms exist. Let us get to see the firms:

Latham & Watkins LLP:

Latham & Watkins LLP takes the third position in the world, and the annual revenue of the firm amounts to $2.226 Billion. Though not much of a difference between the above two firms in terms of profit, the expansion of the firm across the globe is comparatively less. They have their offices in 14 different countries, and about 2200 lawyers work under this banner.

Clifford Chance LLP:

Clifford Chance has its headquarters in London, and it was formed in the year 1987. Clifford Chance was formed as a result of the merger in the same year it was formed. The annual revenue of the firm amounts to $2.12 Billion. They have branches in more than26 countries and have3200 lawyers working under the banner.

Kirkland & Ellis LLP:

Kirkland & Ellis LLP was formed in the year 1909 and had its headquarters in Chicago. It is spread across the globe with more than 1200 lawyers. As per the financial records of the company, the annual revenue for the year 2013 amount to $2 Billion.

The scores that you have acquired in your LSAT, the percentages that you have scored in your degree will all play a role in your placement opportunities. Getting yourself placed in one of these law firms is not just an honor but also a golden opportunity to earn a lot of money and settle in life.

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