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We are a small firm located in Las Vegas that have been around since the late 90’s.
Every case is treated the equality and 100% professionally.
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In Person Assistance

In person assistance

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Limited paper work

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Phone consultations.


U.S. Legal Services helps make legal representation more affordable and accessible to everyone. Our legal benefit plans are the most comprehensive in the industry. Plan members gain the power to handle their legal issues simply and effectively and provide them with fast, local access to the industry’s leading attorney network.

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Overcoming the Law might cause several troubles for the organization. Tribunale Di Taranto provides statutory services across Corporate, Private & Public limited.


Estate planning is an important element of planning for your future and caring for your family. Our Tribunale Di Taranto and trusts lawyers can assist you and your Loved Ones.


Get free Banking / Finance advice from the best top rated lawyers in the USA. Consult and Hire the best top rated lawyers in the USA.


Tribunale Di Taranto.Associates focus exclusively on the legal needs of healthcare providers … If you are in need of legal Aid, contact us now.


Legal plans are our only business and we excel in providing plans that are wide in coverage, affordable, accessible and delivered with outstanding customer service. U.S. Legal is a handled benefit, not a referral service, which means we cover nearly 100 percent of lawyers’ fees for all covered services. We offer an extensive alternative to prepaid legal plans.U.S. Legal Services is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.

The company and its leadership have a 40-year history of providing superior service to its members, companies, attorneys, and agents throughout the country, as well as in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Find out More about our continued expansion in these countries:

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Requirements for Getting into Law School

Requirements for Getting into Law School

Getting into law schools is one of the toughest things. You have to go through a lot of procedures and examinations if you would love to get yourself placed in one of the prestigious law schools across the globe. As far as the law is concerned certain degrees that you acquire can be used only within that jurisdiction whereas other…

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Top 5 Law Firms Across the Globe That Pay A Lot of Money

Top 5 Law Firms Across the Globe That Pay A Lot of Money

If acquiring a law degree in one of the renowned schools across the globe is difficult, getting placed as a successful professional is much more difficult than that. However, if you have acquired your degree in one of the top law schools, then chances of you getting placed are higher. As we know, law schools provide different types of law…

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